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Energy Mill, with its new showroom in Plainwell, MI, has the largest selection of pellet stoves and furnaces in Southwest Michigan. With our environmental and economically sound products, we help you save on your heating bill and help clean up the environment. Let our expert team bring you an easy, economical, and reliable heating solutions through alternative energy and a locally-grown fuel source.

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  • Pellet / multi-fuel inserts
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Whole house furnaces
  • Outdoor wood furnaces
  • Fuel  - high quality pellets ( stored inside )


Experience this incredible new technology of alternative energy with our wide range of efficient stoves and furnaces. You’ll love the clean, true warmth, and energy independence our products afford.

Come visit us and let the caring experts at Energy Mill help you find the best heating solution. Contact Energy Mill today at 269-685-8811 for all of your Plainwell, MI stoves needs. You can also visit our website at

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Energy Mill - 712 E. Bridge St., Plainwell, MI 49080
Energy Mill

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